Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ground Hog's Day is finally over "It's Mothers Day"

if you know me and what i do, my life at work is purely ground hogs day, over and over again. i named it that about 3 years ago. besides it being a favorite movie of mine, it is also my life when i am working.
well ground hog's day is finally over and it is mother's day and i am sitting at my messy kitchen table at 7:25 am enjoying a cup of coffee by myself, (hubby is still in bed)
it's been a long 6 months for me with only having time off about a month here and there total. I'm tired and i need a break. we went up to the new house yesterday and did some measuring for the interior doors and trim, even that got to be a chore towards the end. today we are going to go have lunch with hubbies mother, who lives about an hour plus from us. i will go up and see my mom on Thursday as well as my kids, grandson, and not to forget my grand-dogs and the 3 new little great grand-dogs, yes Oakley and Basil had 3 puppies, they are shit-zoos, i know i spelled that wrong but you get the picture. they are absolutely adorable. i can't wait to see everyone. i need a family fix. i miss them all so much when i am gone.
we will be home now for the summer pouring all of our strength into finishing our new home. believe me, we will truly need strength with what we are about to attempt. i will let you know as the progress progresses.
well i am going to have another cup of coffee and take a look at Craig's list, another favorite place i have found on the Internet lately, like i need to buy anything else...... it's fun to look tho.
so to all those mom's out there, whether you are a single mom to a great great grandma mom, i wish you all the best and happiest mother's day.
especially to my daughter jenny who this year i will give the greatest mom award for giving me the happiness of my little grandson tucker, who warms my heart and gives me some of the most special days of my life, she is a hardworking mom with having a full time job, (thank God for that right now) but she has the time to give her little guy all the love a mother could give. Happy Mother's Day honey, i love you so very, very much!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

i'v lost my voice

hello, yes it's true i have lost my voice, i asked my boss this morning, "how am i suppose to answer the phone?" his reply..."don't.." so that was easy. i started coming down with a cold like thing about a week ago, now it has ended with a voice loss.... GREAT!!

our job is at peak, working 24x7. we have about 130 people on our end of it with lots of misc. sub contractors walking about. things appear to be going okay, but can change at any time.
today we are having a lunch brought in for everyone, even for the night shift. we're gona have pulled pork on a bun, with beans, potato salad, pop and a brownie for desert. will be quite yummy.

hopefully we'll be home for mothers day. i'm wishful thinking. we may have to come up for a few days the following week, but then it's home free. that's when the REAL work will begin. i really have to start packing up the house so we can get it on the market, and we will have to get real serious on getting the new house livable. hummm, will be interesting. so lots of work ahead of us.

hopefully all of you are enjoying a fun filled weekend. i won't be having one of them for awhile.

looking forward to seeing my little buddy. attaching a picture of me and him. the picture says it all.. oh how i love this little one.

have a nice weekend, enjoy the sun if it's out and get out there and soak it up if you can!!

hugs to all my family, i love and miss you all!!