Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 tens made a week for me!! yeaaaaah!!!

heading home today for a 3 day weekend. that will be the first in well over a month. we had a mere 22 hours at home last weekend before we started a different job.
we are in the process of packing up and moving out so the house in a wreck but that's just the way it will be for quite sometime. the new house is FAR from finished. hubby and i are doing the in floor heat, electrical, plumbing, etc. etc. as i have mentioned in the past. whatever we can do ourselves we will do it. it is a pretty big house so it will take us awhile. the main thing is to get a bathroom and heat in the place because we are selling our other home this fall. so we will live like gypsies, which i really don't mind at all. maybe after awhile it will get to me.....we'll see.
it will be fun to see each finished phase. if i ever have time i will post some more pictures.
we got to meet our new little granddaughter last weekend in the few hours we did have at home. she is simply adorable. so tiny she is. she has lots of dark hair, brown eyes, a real nice complexion, skinny legs, nice little ears. and she wears PINK. that is so weird for me after looking at 5 grandsons wearing blue for the past 17 years. now we have a little girl. i'd sure like more than one girl in the family so some of the other children of mine will have to get busy one of these days.
i am patiently waiting........
we are supposedly going to have some grand dog puppies, unfortunately i can't have one of this litter, as much as i want one, it isn't the time with building this house right now. shucks!!! it will be hard to see them go once they are here. they will be shitzues. (no spell check for that one, but you get the picture)
well work calls me, (so sad) but wanted to get a new post on. life is good for me right now, few aches and pains i'll deal with.
husband was on meds for his arthritis, went off for a week and started on a lower dose because his liver readings were too high, will be going in mid may for more blood work. he is taking ibuprofen also and that has helped also. his hands are now the worst, his feet are starting to feel better. he did have fluid drained off his elbow, not sure whats up with that. so we just are hoping it will get better for him. we'll see with time.
have a great weekend everyone and drive safe. don't forget to wear your seatbelt and kiss your kids each day. i wish i was close enough to kiss mine, so i'll just send kisses thru my blog today to each of my kids i love and miss you all!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

heading home

i haven't posted awhile because i have been working again very long hours. this job is now done and a new one begins on monday. on mothers day i will be off for hopefully the entire summer. it will be time to work on the house. and time to move and sell our old house, ( a house 2 doors down went on the market less than a month ago and is sold, so maybe we will get lucky and sell ours just as fast!!!) we will be physically busy, i'm excited for that, seeing i have been sitting on my rear end for almost 6 months. it's time to MOVE around a little and get some exercise. i've been cooped up wayyyy to long.
i can't wait to see my kids and the grandchildren. i've been talking to the littlest grandson quite regularly. i sure miss him. he's my little sweetheart.
we also got a new granddaughter who was born on the littlest grandson's birthday. it's our first little girl seeing we have 5 grandsons. we will get to meet her on sunday before heading to our next job. will be different looking at pink stuff!
well it's time to pack up my ole' besse. (computer)
i hope all is well with my blogger buddies, i don't have too many, but it's fun to write anyway.
have a great weekend everyone, and hello to my family whom i love and miss very, very much!