Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i've been busy, i wish??

hey there whoever is still out there reading this.
i've been busy at the new place...
been busy once a week with the little grandson (my vacation day)
been busy kinda packing up the house. (it really, really sucks)
been busy with the mother and mother in law the last 2 days
been busy with just plain being busy.
the little great grand dogs are old enough to sell... hummmmm... gona sure miss them when they are gone, they are so darn cute. (shitzues) sp is wrong, sorry
the 4th of july is just a couple weeks away, wow, where is the summer going?....FAST
i wish the house was done.
i wish i could spend more time with my kids.
i wish i could retire and not have to work anymore.
i wish i didn't ache so bad every morning when i got out of bed.
i wish i was 10 years younger so i felt better.
i wish i was 15 pounds lighter on my feet and maybe i would feel better, and my back would feel better.
i wish i could spend more time with tucker.
i wish, i wish, i wish
i guess i should be just thankful for each day i wake up to see the morning light.
i wish i didn't have so much to wish for........................
i wish you all a great week.
this picture is of my son and my grand son. these are two of the people on my WISH list.
love you guys... very, very much!!!