Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 is here.....WOW where has the time gone???

hello everyone, if anyone,
i am still here, just have been soo busy with finishing the house, christmas, grandkids, etc, etc.
i will be going back to real work soon, so maybe then i will have more time to blog! :)
it's been a busy year. we put our old house on the market in august and signed papers of sale october 1st. we were so very lucky to sell it so fast.
then we moved into the new house. unfortunatly it was unfinished. the bathroom tub,sink and toilet were in and the kitchen was mostly done, other than that we have been plugging along everyday. we have been laying tile, framing windows, putting up tounge and groove wood ceilings, did i say laying tile, yes, entry way, laundry room and kitchen tile. we have the master bathroom tile left and then after that i don't want to lay tile for the rest of my life......on thursday we get 3 rooms carpeted, yes i said 3 rooms, the den, guest room and yes, my computer/grandchildren sleep over room. it is really a bedroom, but it is going to be my space. i can not wait. well i am watching my 2 grandsons and one just woke up, i will post more later...happy new year everyone, glad to be back if anyone is out there......
leave me a hello if you drop by so i know that it is worth me going on here to gab...
drive safe.....
oh before i go i have to tell you, i got a new grandson last may and another in november......LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Lori said...

Your still here!!!! This makes my day to read something from you...I haven't forgotten you..have thought of you and wondered how all of this is going...thanks for the update...it sounds like you have been super busy as always..how wonderful that you sold the house so quickly...I know it takes a long time to finish up a house...I've thought of you often with all the snow and cold we've had this year...how exciting about the new grandsons!! Woot! Woot! I hope that you had a good Christmas. I hope that 2011 is a wonderful year for you. Thank you for updating...take care of yourself...I know I don't have to say to enjoy those grandchildren because I know you do...hugs and much love to you my friend...XX


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