Friday, July 17, 2009

just a note of thanks

i want to take a minute to thank my son for his help today putting up sheetrock. you were so generous to offer your help at a time when you have so much going on yourself at your own home. we so appreciated your help today. we are geting things done bit by bit. we have a great start and hopefully before too long we will be done with the sheetrocking. but anyway, Dust, Thank You so much for your help, you did a great job and have a nice little side job talent that is not only helpful to yourself, but was sure helpful to us. thanks dust. i love you honey! i hope you aren't too sore tomorrow. Good Luck in the Fishing Contest!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sweet Summer Time............

Happy 4th of July everyone, have a safe weekend. I can't believe it's July already, where is the summer going. Still busy working on the house, it's a real project. I'm getting pretty burnt out, so is hubby. We will keep going till it's done. It will be so nice to actually cook in my new kitchen and sit in my new living room and sleep in my new bedroom. it will happen sooner or later. Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

take care and don't forget to wear your seat belt!!!

it saved my life once 18 years ago on July 5th, 1991. I fell asleep at the wheel 6 miles from my home. i will never forget that night. so please, please buckle up. because i had mine on, i am here today. it latterly saved my life.
the picture of me is with my little grandson who is the apple of my eye, he was a ring bear in my best friends son's wedding, my daughter and her husband, my son and his wife were all in the wedding also. It was a fun day had by all!