Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

I would like to wish all you ladies a Happy Mothers Day. I am not home to enjoy even thinking about taking a break today, but for all you who are, enjoy your Mothers Day.
I will be home on Wednesday and my counter tops at the new house are scheduled to be put in on Thursday. I guess that will be a gift enough for me. It is going to look sooo nice. Then it will be time to get the butt in gear and MOVE. I know i keep saying it, but it is now time to DO IT.
My daughter is due real soon to have her baby (boy). so that is going to be in my schedule also. I want to help her out also as much as i can while still getting some moving done. We need to sell our old house. Having 2 places is NOT fun.
well have to cut this short, have to get back to some paper work.
enjoy your day Moms
till next time...................