Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Post for my Daughter

Well it's been awhile since i have posted, alot has been going on. On May 24 at 1:45 a.m. my daughter gave birth to her second son. She called me at midnight, i beat her and her husband to the hospital by 5 minutes, she was there for 45 minutes and she had him. they are soooooo lucky they didn't have a flat tire or something. things went pretty fast! he was almost 8 pounds and about 20 1/2 inches and is a good looking little babe if i don't say so myself. i was so happy to be able to be at the hospital, seeing 4 years ago when my other little grandson was born i was 1300 miles away and didn't meet him till he was almost a month old. (he came 7 weeks early).
so anyway, i am sooo excited he is finally here and he is just the cutest little guy. he looks alot like his older brother. (who simply adores him, and is always saying as he gently brings his little hand on his face, "he is sooooo cuuuute!" he is going to be a super special big brother, with lots to teach his little brother.
honey, you did a great job and i was glad it was you in that room and not me. but you went super fast and didn't have to lay there for 8 hours in labor like i did with you and your brother....thank you for my little grandson, i love him to pieces!!!

Now to my is her 29th birthday on sunday. i would like you to know that i have loved you since i first laid eyes on you, june 6th, 1981. i will have to tell you i thought you were a boy....i was wrong, we had a daughter. i was entirely thankful for that and told your dad that the next year we could have a son, well that happened 22 months later. anyways, i can not imagine a life with out you. i want you to know how proud i am of you and of all that you have accomplished in your 29 years. there has never been a time that i have complained about how you have turned out as i hear alot of parents do sometimes. i have alot to be thankful for, and you are on the top of my list.
thank you for putting up with me thru the years. i know you sometimes get anoid with me, but i look at you during those times and i will have to tell you, you seem to take after me at those times...........that's okay tho.
i just wanted to take this time to say "I love you Jen." I cannot love you more. If there is ever anything you need or just want to vent or just want to talk, i will always be here for you, i think you know this.
On Sunday, I wish you a very "Happy Birthday" to the sweetest little pumpkin in the patch.
and know too that papa Owen is so proud of you and not to mention smiling down from the heavens that you named your sweet little on after him. he loved you and your brother so very, very much.......

i love you honey................Have a nice Birthday