Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm sick with a cold and working with it. that really sucks.
hope to feel better by the end of the week, we start working long hours next week. then after we get done with this job it is time to get serious on MOVING..........i wish i didn't have so much (treasures) junk.
my husband hasn't started moving his (junk)treasures (LOL) yet, i tell everyone when you see a dumpster outside the house you will see that he has started to move.
well just kind of checking in to see if i had any friends yet.
maybe when i am moved i will be able to post more grumbles on this blog..........
grandson due June 4th,
another grandchild due November 21, 2010
exciting, exciting,exciting, happy............waiting........
have a great peak of the week tomorrow everybody..........
drive safe................

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Exciting News

I am going to be a GRAM again! My son and his wife are expecting November 21st. I am on an ultimate HIGH. I am going to have 2 new grandchildren. My daughter is expecting a little boy on June 4th. I can hardly to meet this little treasure. His older brother is the best grandson in the world, I can not wait to meet his little brother.
Then we wait for D & T's little one to arrive.............and wait, and wait. I hate to wish time away, but i can't wait till November.
I am truly blessed with my children and all of my little grand babies. I just love, love, love being a "Gram", it is one of the best feelings in the world!!!!!!!!!
Have a great week all my blog friends, (i think i am down to NO followers by now) but i enjoy dropping in once in awhile just to check my "comments".
Still busy with the new house and trying to get moved in. still far from finished, but gotta get out of our other house. have to get it on the market. back to work in real life this week. looking forward to getting the move DONE and the house DONE.
''''''''''''''''''''''yadda, yadda, yadda............happy day!