Sunday, February 28, 2010

To my son on his Birthday.....................

tomorrow it will be 27 years since first setting eyes on my son. that is one of the memories i still do have and it's having my children. first it was a daughter, then 22 months later i had my son. i hope he knows how special he is to me, and the happiness he has given me in my life.
he is an easy going young man, he is intelligent, he is a hunter, a fisherman, a fireman, a hard worker, a good provider and a soft hearted individual. he has brought much happiness to my life. he is a fun uncle for my grandson, it's cute when they get together and the tease is on, they get along great and love to razz each other, yet you can see respect also. my son took my grandson out on skates for his first time, i was out on my skates on the ice too, but it was watching those 2, and seeing him take the little guy out that brought my heart happiness. it was so nice to see the 2 special boys in my life on the ice. my son is a good teacher, (he even married a teacher!) yes he is married to a great young lady and the two of them seem to be a perfect match. he has made good choices in his life, and tomorrow, 3/1/2010 i want to wish this young man i call "my son" a very, very "Happy Birthday" i love you so very much. have a great day honey, and always remember how proud i am that i have you for my son. i am the lucky one.
always, always, i love you more.
don't forget to make a wish honey.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dentist appt today

i really don't care for my dentist appointments. does anyone really like going to the dentist? have a great tuesday everyone.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a day with my grandson

yes i'm spending the day with my little grandson. i brought him up a new game for his leapster, and a electric tooth brush today. he liked my electric tooth brush when he spent the night one night so i thought he'd like one, he did. and he liked his game too. i enjoy getting him educational games so he can learn from them. he will be 4 soon and is a pretty smart little guy if i don't say so myself.
i am going to try to teach him tick, tack, toe in a little bit here and see if he gets it.
then we will venture out to go see his great grandma, (my mom) we'll spend a little time with her and then go have lunch with my best friend.
we've been busy with the house, we have all the interior painting done, except touch up and have put the sub floor in the kitchen and are now installing our cabnets. i tell you what, it is a dream kitchen coming true! i look at it and think "is this my kitchen?" it has been soooo much work this whole job, but now all the final things are falling into place, with our help of course. we would have never been able to do this house if it hadn't been for our doing alot of the work ourselves. i wouldn't do it again tho. i may post some pictures one of these days.
i am posting one of me, my son and grandson, his first time on ice skates, also my first time in a good many years. my husband bought me skates for christmas 2 years ago and i tried them out for the first time with him. so enjoy this shot, we had a fun time, my son had the biggest work out i think, but he was pretty proud to bring his little nephew out for the first time.
hope all is well with my few followers, i will have more time to post in a couple weeks, i have to go back to work and i can post while at work, he, he, he!
happy week to you all!