Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yup... Here I am again!

Its funny, I keep saying that! And yet my daughter just turned it's been a year almost since I've traveled these pages, I tried it some time ago but it erased all my words and was too tired to retype another post. Well we got the house done...the main living space anyways, we still have a basement to conquer, but no hurries. We have been cleaning and going thru all the stuff we packed up and brought with us when we much has GOT to go! I've had one rummage sale so far, (love mingling with the people!) and have one more to go in a few weeks, then it will be donation time and will start all over again, more boxes, more (good garbage) stuff! We are also attempting to do our landscaping which is going to be nice with once again...HARD work....I wish the dirt fairy would come do the work for us! Soo much to do! I guess we did retire a week ago according to my of our sons said he will believe that when his dad hasn't worked outside the home for one year! I am finding it difficult that I may never see some of my extended working family ever has been hard for me to think about. So I won't right now. Well I hope I haven't bored my followers, which I don't think I have any, but it was fun to post again, I have to update my picture....that little guy is now 6 and have had a few grandchildren since then....another LOVE in my grandkids, who make this world a wonderful place! Life is Good!


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