Sunday, February 28, 2010

To my son on his Birthday.....................

tomorrow it will be 27 years since first setting eyes on my son. that is one of the memories i still do have and it's having my children. first it was a daughter, then 22 months later i had my son. i hope he knows how special he is to me, and the happiness he has given me in my life.
he is an easy going young man, he is intelligent, he is a hunter, a fisherman, a fireman, a hard worker, a good provider and a soft hearted individual. he has brought much happiness to my life. he is a fun uncle for my grandson, it's cute when they get together and the tease is on, they get along great and love to razz each other, yet you can see respect also. my son took my grandson out on skates for his first time, i was out on my skates on the ice too, but it was watching those 2, and seeing him take the little guy out that brought my heart happiness. it was so nice to see the 2 special boys in my life on the ice. my son is a good teacher, (he even married a teacher!) yes he is married to a great young lady and the two of them seem to be a perfect match. he has made good choices in his life, and tomorrow, 3/1/2010 i want to wish this young man i call "my son" a very, very "Happy Birthday" i love you so very much. have a great day honey, and always remember how proud i am that i have you for my son. i am the lucky one.
always, always, i love you more.
don't forget to make a wish honey.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!


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