Friday, April 10, 2009

heading home

i haven't posted awhile because i have been working again very long hours. this job is now done and a new one begins on monday. on mothers day i will be off for hopefully the entire summer. it will be time to work on the house. and time to move and sell our old house, ( a house 2 doors down went on the market less than a month ago and is sold, so maybe we will get lucky and sell ours just as fast!!!) we will be physically busy, i'm excited for that, seeing i have been sitting on my rear end for almost 6 months. it's time to MOVE around a little and get some exercise. i've been cooped up wayyyy to long.
i can't wait to see my kids and the grandchildren. i've been talking to the littlest grandson quite regularly. i sure miss him. he's my little sweetheart.
we also got a new granddaughter who was born on the littlest grandson's birthday. it's our first little girl seeing we have 5 grandsons. we will get to meet her on sunday before heading to our next job. will be different looking at pink stuff!
well it's time to pack up my ole' besse. (computer)
i hope all is well with my blogger buddies, i don't have too many, but it's fun to write anyway.
have a great weekend everyone, and hello to my family whom i love and miss very, very much!


Blogger smiles4u said...

Hello my blogger buddy! I have thought of you and wondered how your work was going...wondering when you were going to get a break so that you can work on your house. Congrats on the new granddaughter! I am sure you can't wait to see your kids and grandchildren. I bet your grandson is talking very well now and I am sure he delights you with his talking.
I sure do hope that selling your home and finishing your new one goes well. I hope these last weeks of work go quickly so that you get your summer.

How is your husband feeling now? I hope he is feeling much better.

I hope you have a good weekend and happy Easter to you and your family. Safe travels my dear friend! Hugs and love, Lori

Blogger jenny said...

i can't wait to see you! we miss you and love you! mother's day can't come quick enough. :)


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