Monday, November 16, 2009

This is Dedicated to the one i Love "My Dad"

I love my dad, he is a super dad who was the one that always borrowed me the car, i swear to God, when i got my drivers license my dad never drove his car again, (it was a station wagon). When i was a senior in high school my dad drove a "Corvette Yellow" Station Wagon, yes it was almost as bright as the sun. It was a supper hard car to hide when you were skipping school, that's for sure. It was an automatic. Well i use to put it in neutral while going down hills to TRY to save gas as a juvenile, i was just a girl so i didn't know that it would RUIN the transmission if you did that with an automatic, and low and behold my dad had to replace his transmission because of my stupidity. Well a few years later i told him what i did and how dumb i had been. he didn't get too upset. he didn't get too upset about too much. He loved children and he loved my two kids as if they were his own. my parents watched my 2 children while my husband and i worked to make ends meet back in the early 80"s and I'll have to say rarely did they have a babysitter,other than family till they were probably the age past 8.
My dad was the best!! he loved to go up to the local Restaurant and hang out at the retirement table, he would leave his house and say,"Well I think I'll go see what's Happening in the World" It was a favorite place for him to spend his mornings. He loved to communicate with people, he could talk to anybody, i think i get that from him, he could have lengthy conversations on the telephone. I mean hours!
We spent almost every weekend growing up over to his parents (my grandparents) it was a 5 hour drive but i tell you what we made the trip at least twice a month i swear.He loved his family and enjoyed all the time we ever spent there as we did.
He was a collector, as i am, i always use to love going up to see my parents and rummaging thru the garage, that is where all "Dad"s Treasures" were, and i'd usually talk him out of giving me some kind of "Goodie" before going home. I'm just like him in that way, we are going to move soon and i am looking at all of my "Goodies" thinking of my Dad.Thinking "Why am i such a collector?" (thanks Dad!)
Well it has been 2 years today since I lost my "Dad", he passed away on a cool afternoon November 16, 2007 of a heart attack, brought on from loss of oxygen from the disease called "Pulmonary Fibrosis" which is Hardening of the Lung Tissue.
My dad was a great man, he worked hard for a living, he loved his family and his grandchildren to no end. We all miss the man we called, "Dad",and "PaPa Owen".
I just wish he could have lived longer to share his love for life, his wisdom and his love for his family. He was just a number one guy!
I love you Dad, I miss you Dad, I think of you every single day, I wish you could have seen or land and our new house we are going to call our home.
I planted a White Pine up at the land, (one we had dug up on that awful morning before I had gotten the phone call that you had died). I planted it on November 17th (the day after) in memory of you at our land, i can see it from a window in the house, i will watch it grow everyday, it is going to be a beautiful tree (as i know you loved white pines)and i will think of you every single time i lay eyes upon it. i will think of you Dad, and i will still Miss you every day of my life. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you so verrrry, verrrry much. I can't forget to mention how special my Dad's little Great Grandson Tucker was to him, my dads eyes lit up with every visit with this special little guy. I just wish Tucker could have had more time with him, I'm glad they had the time that they did.My Dad got to love the little guy i call my "Grandson" if only for a short time.
Thanks Dad, for giving me the gift of life, and for being a part of me. There is a part of you that is with me every day and I will never forget the man that i loved with all my heart. XXOO love you!


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A very beautiful and touching tribute to your dad. Thanks for sharing this! XXOO


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