Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'ts been awhile, i'm tired

hey to all my friends and family,
I'm taking a break today and spending the day with my grandson. i call these days my vacation days.
the house is coming along. we have all the risbo in the floor. that's our heating system. we have about 90 percent of the plumbing done, about 90 percent of the electrical done, we have the insulation 90 percent done, we have the ceilings in the basement to do yet. we went with the isonene (blown) insulation. we have some of the upstairs ceilings sheet rocked and have started on some of the walls, we are about 5 percent done with the sheet rocking. it's been a long hard summer. we are averaging about 60 hours a week. husband worked about 2 months straight without a day off, i think it was actually longer than that. we have now decided that without the help of others we are going to have to slow down. we have to get help with the sheet rocking to do the vaulted ceilings. him and i just can't do them alone. so we will plug away day by day until we get help here and there. i was wishing that the extreme makeover people would come up to our home after they finish the house in south range Wisconsin and put up all the sheet rock. it's just a wish i have. i know the end results of our home will be awesome, so i think of that everyday while in pain and agony. someday i won't have to lift sheet rock and won't have to climb up and down scaffold etc. etc., and won't have to not look forward to each new day. i will be able to get up, sit on my covered porch and sip my morning coffee while looking out at the beauty of lake superior from a distance. i will be able to sew, craft, bake, make bird houses, refinish furniture, and most of all i will have the time to spend with my family. taking the grandchildren will be a favorite pastime for sure. i enjoy teaching and sharing things with them, most of all i enjoy giving my time to them. someday hopefully soon i can start doing that. this is a feel sorry for me post, did i get you to feel sorry for me?? i hope you are all enjoying your summer, somebody has to it may as well be all of you. we go back to work in about a month, that will suck big time, coz then we won't get anything done. i wish we could be at the point where we could have a taper come in and do the house while we were working, if we could be at that point i would be one happy camper..... well have a great weekend everyone, take care and drive safe!


Blogger smiles4u said...

I am tired from just reading about the work you and your husband have been doing. I can't wait until you are finished and getting to do all those things that you write about. I picture you sitting on your porch drinking coffee and I hope that it will come to be in the near future. I hope you get the help you need to finish!

I don't think you are feeling sorry for yourself in a bad way...I do feel bad for you just because I know the cry of your heart is to spend more time with those you love. Take care of yourself! Hugs and love, Lori


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