Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a little catch up........

mom had her surgery and is recuperating nicely. she will be off work for a bit longer but is taking time to relax. she is going to be 75 and is still a maid at the local motel. WOW. don't know how she does it. she has been there over 30 years!!! i just love that woman!
i'm back working again, and not on the house. this work involves a paycheck which in turn will go right back into the house.
we are 95% done with the Sheetrock and have to tie up the loose ends to get heat in the place. we hope to have it taped and sprayed real soon. maybe before Christmas. i sure hope so. we have really worked hard this summer. i kept track of our hours daily since the last week of may and we have put in about 700 hours. double that for him and me and it puts us at 1400 man hours. i'm tired.
we are still in the other place unable to get it ready to sell, we just haven't had the time. i was hoping to be in the new place for Christmas. i don't think that will be happening. :(
my kids have been busy with projects of their own this summer but i have managed to get a little visiting time in with them, which has been nice. although i would still enjoy MORE time with them. one of these days it will happen!!!
well i hope all is well with all out there. i just wanted to drop in and let all my friends and family know i still have a blog...
have a great week everyone.
drive safe and enjoy the upcoming fall colors. it is by far the most beautiful time of the year!


Blogger smiles4u said...

I am thankful your mom is doing well. And how amazing that she still works at a motel. Must be where you get your hard working ethic from!?

I can only imagine how tired you and your husband must be with all this working. I am sure it's disappointing for you to not be in there by Christmas. I pray that when you do get your house ready to sell that it will sell quickly.

The colors are starting to change around here and the nights are cooler. I surely cannot complain about the weather and won't since I know that we will have snow before we know it.

I am so glad that you have posted. I don't get online much these days and when I do it's usually not for long so when I did get a few minutes here and seen you posted I was glad. I have been wondering how you are doing.

Take care of yourself and check in again when you get a chance...maybe you can post some pictures of your house? Hugs and love, Lori


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