Sunday, March 8, 2009

For the birds........

look who visited my feeder a couple days ago, a pileated wood pecker. he had a companion with him also, but once the two of them were on the feeder, they both took off. so i only got a picture of the one. yesterday one came back again. they are huge birds! pretty neat looking. i enjoy feeding the birds, it's with them i form a friendship, seeing i'm not really a busy body to have lots of friends i hang with. i tend to spend more time watching my birds. family and birds. just seem to love them. do any of you feed the birds? i buy the chipped sunflower seeds for them. it doesn't leave the mess the black sunflower seeds do. i use to come home after working a job and have sunflower plants all over the front yard. they are a little more expensive, but they tend to clean it up pretty well. i like making peanut butter seed balls also for them. do any of you have any good bird food recipe's? (or pizza, bloody mary recipe's, lori?) if so i'd love to have them.

have a great sunday everyone and enjoy the brighter (longer) days, don't forget to change your clocks today!!


Blogger jenny said...

you know i love my birds! i haven't seen a piliated for a while though. that's awesome.

thanks for helping me out this week. tucker is looking forward to seeing you!

Blogger gram said...

i know he is, i'm looking forward to seeing him as well!!glad you liked my bird!! he was pretty cool to watch, they are huge!!

Blogger smiles4u said...

Cheryl, I don't have any recipes myself but my sister and her husband may have some. They have tons of birds and bird feeders and they feed all of them. When I was there last time they were making some food up for them. I will ask her and get back to you on this.

I love watching the birds and was telling my husband recently that I would love to get some bird feeders here. Beautiful picture!


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