Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday.............the 13th!!

Friday the 13th to be job here is finally winding down, i went from 140 men down to 65 today, with another big lay off today. looks like i will be home by the middle of next week if all goes well. I've felt kinda homeless since the beginning of November. A feeling that I feel quite often to tell you the truth, with this kind of lifestyle............

My littlest grandson is talking up a storm now and I think there isn't a word he won't say now. It's total conversation now with him. I asked him the other day if he wanted to come down to grams house and stay with me overnight, he responded "Is it built yet?" He is referring to our new home. How did he remember that, he's only been up there a couple times. He's a smart little cookie!!

Him and his mom had a day together yesterday and got their hair cut!! He was a pretty shaggy little fella, of course his Uncle D.didn't think so, isn't that right Uncle??????????? he, he, he
I swear to God when Uncle D. has a son, he will have hair down to his butt, or not to forget maybe a mullett :) God forbid!!! I think Auntie will have the upper hand on that matter :)

I'm looking forward to my visit with the little guy. He has never stayed overnight at our house. I've stayed at his house once since he was born and slept with him in a twin bed, what a little wiggle worm he was...

Husband is now on pretizone for 2 weeks plus a double dose of what ever they gave him the first time he went in, when they diagnosed the lymes disease. He also has a form of inflammatory arthritis, not diagnosed yet. He goes in on the 5th of March to see what the next step is. He is frustrated.

Glad y'all liked the house!!! I'll post some more pictures as it changes :)

Have a Happy Valentines Day everybody, one of the guys at work even brought me in pink heart cookies and some strawberry bread to boot. I'm sharring with the guys at coffee time.

Love and Kisses to all of my family (and my grandchildren and not to forget my grand-dogs) and never forget how special you all are to me and how much I miss you when I'm away. You're all in my thoughts everyday and in my heart always.
love, ~mom aka "gram"

have a great weekend everyone........


Blogger smiles4u said...

I am glad that you will be getting to go home next week. I am sure your grandson can hardly wait to see you. Oh just think of the conversations the two of you will have.
I am excited about your house and look forward to more pictures.

Hope you have a great weekend...Happy V-Day to you too you special woman! Hugs!


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