Friday, February 27, 2009

frankly, it's just friday

i wonder why i haven't posted, it must be because i'm home.......YES I AM FINALLY HOME!!! it's been a long 4 months. i've been packing up the house.. seems so strange to not know when i will ever see my stuff again. the house is looking naked. believe me i have a ton of stuff to pack, seeing i am kind of a pack rat. just ask my kids.... (right guys?) so i will be packing for quite awhile.
i went up to watch the littlest grandson yesterday. we had seen him last saturday also. he gave me the biggest hug when i seen him. i soo missed the little guy. we had a real nice day yesterday. we went and spent the afternoon with great gramma who he adores. he's getting potty trained. well he did the potty dance at home and would not go potty, then his mom came home at lunch to give us a ride down to great grams. she tried to get him to go on the potty, he did not go. we went down to great grams, i tried there to have him potty, no luck, i even gave him a bath, thinking the warm water would make him potty in the water, just so the poor little guy would potty. he did the potty jiggle in the tub the whole time. i dressed him, he still did not go. put him in his pull up and out in the kitchen he was STILL doing the potty dance. great gram and myself finally decided to tell him it was ok for him to go in his pull up and we would put a new one on, he gave my mom a look and let loose, poor kid peeed a gallon i swear in his pull up. don't know what the deal was, but he had held it for over 5 hours. WOW. he was so relieved tho to go in his pants. then he took a nice little 2 hour nap. holding his pee must have tuckered him right out. anyway, then mom came and picked him up after work and i managed to drive home in our little snow storm we had yesterday. it was wicked on the roads. i managed to make it home.
then last night i heard husband say (after we had went to sleep) "well it's been an hour" and i said " an hour for what" he said "listening to you" (snoring i guess) so for the first time ever i got up and went to sleep on the couch, which i slept horrible, but felt sorry for him that he had to listen to me snore, once again. i guess i do it alot. i tell him it isn't something i do on purpose so being he had to work today i thought his sleep was more important than mine. do any of you people snore???? what do you do about it???
well guess i'll sign off for now. hope all is well with all of my blogger buddies (i have sooo many) so for the few that i do have, have a great friday and a great weekend.
Also i want to wish my son a very "Happy 26th Birthday" on Sunday. I love you so much honey and am so proud to have you as my son. You bring much happiness to my life!!! Have a great day honey!!!


Blogger smiles4u said...

I'm glad that you are home again. Sounds like you are busy with packing which isn't so much fun but it's nice to get it done.

When I potty trained my grandson(the one we are raising), he had a hard time releasing his pee. I researched it and learned that this is common in boys. They are used to going with the feeling of the diaper there and so when it's not they have a hard time letting it go. He would go 8 hours without peeing! I was giving him tons to drink so I knew he had to go. After a week of holding it for hours like this and learning how to let go, he finally figured it out.

How is your husband feeling these days? I keep praying that he feels better so hope he is.

Happy birthday to your son. Have a great weekend. Sending you love and hugs, Lori


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