Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what a monday

first of all it was a mad, sad, monday. for several reasons.

first of all my boss's mom is dying. he left work yesterday morning to go see her in the hospital. it's 8:38 tuesday, he's not back yet but word has it he's on his way here. I don't know if she passed away last night or not. she was told about 15 or so years ago she had less than 2 years to live, so she's been hanging in there for quite some time. the last few months she has been in the hospital more than out. i hope he(my boss) is okay, he is a real tough guy, an in control type of person. he's the boss and you listen to him and he is always right. that's the type of guy he is. i know there is a soft side of him in there somewhere, i hope he is alright.

another guy that is a sub contractor for us came in yesterday, his mom went from her home in arizona to california to visit her sister, they went horse back riding and the horse got spooked and threw her and she broke her hip! she is over 70 years old for crying out loud! The dad never called to let him know, he found out from a cousin. go figure. he said his dad is an alcoholic, and the kids wanted their mom to divorce him, they tried to talk her into it last year but she didn't leave him. guess he's a real jerk. i hope she will be okay. wow!!

then i go home (to the motel) and i meet on the street (the hallway) a neighbor of mine (co-worker who (lives) bunks across the (street) hall from me. he's having problems at home. he has an ex wife who's a drunk, a 13 year old daughter that lives with the ex wife, a current wife and a son and 2 daughters with her. things are not going well for them at all. the guy travels for work and is never home. (gee i wonder what that feels like) anyway he added up all the child support he would have to pay and it was horrendous (if he were to get a divorce). i guess the wife is kinda unstable, he just doesn't know what to do. will be interesting what happens there. i hope things will get better for them.....................

it's so sad to listen to all these heartaches, it seems that everyone around me has something going on.

wish i could be of more help for all of them, but glad they confide in me and get a somewhat of a release of some of their problems.

as for my problems, i just have one current issue. i want this job to be done. i did get to go home over the weekend and went to see the progress on the house. it's looking mighty fine!! even packed up a few boxes in my kitchen. at least it is a start!

husband is still hurting, he goes in the first week in march. he has the lymes disease but he also has what they think is psoriatic arthritis. by reading about it, it isn't something i would want. i just hope they will be able to do something about it with medication or that it goes into a remission of some kind. he is in alot of pain. mostly his hands and feet but other joints are affected as well. poor guy. i feel so bad for him.

well have a terrific tuesday everyone, enjoy your day. enjoy your life and i hope that it is a happy life!!!

i might change the name of my blog.............................thinking about it anyway


Blogger smiles4u said...

Sorry to hear about all the sadness around you. You are such a good person to listen and be there for those that need a listening ear and a caring heart...and that would be you.

Sorry to hear that your husband is still in so much pain. I will begin praying right away for relief for him.

I hope that you get a break from work soon and get to head back home. Be good to yourself my friend. Bless you with lots of love and peace in your life(in spite of everything going on!)
Love and hugs, Lori


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